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Matcha Red Bean Ice Cream Hazelnut Tart

The kind of green tea ice cream that I enjoy is the one served in Japanese restaurants. If there is an authentic green tea ice cream, I think that’s the one. There are a lot of green tea ice cream brands that you can choose from stores. But I found it too milky from the few brands that I’ve tasted. And I like my green tea ice cream with that real matcha flavour, almost bitter and earthy but still sweet and aromatic.

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Matcha Black Sesame Cheesecake

I am sure by now you’ve already seen way too many green desserts, thanks to the St. Patrick’s Day. And now I had to follow suit. I am sorry!

I prefer going for something with natural green instead of adding food colouring to my green dessert. Not that I don’t use food colouring, in fact, I use it a lot. Just if I have choice, I would prefer something organic, natural and unprocessed.

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Coconut Mousse Cake


What cake is better than an ice cream cake in summer? For my money, I’d say a mousse cake. Something as refreshing, delicious and amazing, but lighter, smoother, fluffier and it could look a little more elegant. Most importantly, a mousse cake makes you feel a little less fatty and guilty when eating it. 

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