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Creme Brulee Crepe Cake

Creme brulee crepe cake

My husband loves creme brulee. So when it comes to his birthday, the thought of making him a creme brulee dessert will come to my mind very naturally. Except I have never made him one! Well, birthday is about cakes. We could do creme brulee some other time. And I decided to go with a creme brulee crepe cake for his birthday this year.

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Coconut Crepe Cake

Guys like coconut. It’s well proven considered all the males I know love dessert in coconut flavour. Except my son. Well, he doesn’t even like chocolate. So he is an abnormal human being that we don’t have to pay attention to at this point.

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Crepe Cake

Before my friend told me about it, I had never heard about crepe cake. He tried the famous Lady M mille-crepe cake in New York, and fell in love with it. He had no luck finding one here in Vancouver and was wondering if I could make one.

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