I’m Fanny. Oh Sweet Day! is a blog chronicling my journey as a cook and a mother after I moved from Hong Kong to Vancouver, BC.

I enjoy the countless unexpected possibilities and sense of fulfilment these jobs have given me. You may think achieving a successful career in the marketing department of a reputable radio station and movie distribution company back in Hong Kong would be fulfilling and inspirational – I made a lot of money, met a handful of celebrities, and attended tons of concerts and parties. But the level of frustration, anxiety and madness is not even close to what I am experiencing now. And I love it.

Oh Sweet Day! is about how I spend my days with my family between cooking, baking and eating. It’s my own curiosity in food that has shaped my cooking. My principle of cooking is simplicity. I make things simple enough so that anyone can follow. And I never go crazy with weird ingredients. The recipes I post are up for adaptation. Feel free to add a little of this, take away that as you please.  And I would love to see how you like or hate the recipes.


Along the road, I realized I have a passion for baking and decorating desserts. Through the process of self-learning and being inspired by brilliant bloggers out there, I’ve become better. Friends and family have always been the greatest supporters. Without them, I would have never determined to start my home-based bakery.

Starting and running a business is stressful and tiresome mentally and physically, even for a hard worker like myself. I’ve experienced late nights when my exhausted body laid on the bed and the cookies baking schedule was still running in my head! But it’s also a wonderful experience that I would never take back. My business has brought me tons of lovely clients and friends whom I am still having a hard time to say ‘no’ to even when my schedule is insanely packed. But like a mother, I love my little bakery so much and will do anything I can to make it happy!

oh sweet day Cookies

All of these life experiences have given me a chance to meet a diverse group of like-minded people. These complete strangers keep coming into my tiny space, showering me with encouragement, compliments and warmth. And it is really awesome and life-altering. Please keep it going. Follow me (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest) or contact me at fanny@ohsweetday.com.