Nobu’s Miso-Marinated Black Cod

So here continues to find my Asian cooking roots after my first trial of beef brisket with daikon and leek in clear soup with great success.

One of the big reasons that I haven’t cooked Chinese as much is because Asian cooking does require more preparations, details, fresher ingredients… Not that I can’t handle these. I just figured cooking western food could also be delicate and scrumptious, not to mention sometimes it’s definitely more convenient considered how much I love one pot meals.

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Steamed Mussels in Coconut Curry Broth

I don’t normally post a lot of savoury dishes. Not that we only eat sweets. NO. God No! We eat a lot of rice, pasta, meat, seafood, salad… Just when it comes to dinner time, it’s always chaotic because collecting my kids to the dinner table is one hell of a task. Not to mention grabbing my camera and taking pictures.

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Paella with Chorizo and Seafood

I am not a rice person. I love noodle instead. However, I do love “flavoured” rice, fried rice, baked rice, risotto…and paella is one of my favourites.

This traditional Spanish dish carries bright and colourful presentation, thanks to the fresh seafood and meat. Plus it’s actually not as much work as the lengthy ingredient list tells, and really well worth the effort. An easy task to make a big pot for a big party too. I also found it a bit tastier the next day, maybe the seafood juice continues to infuse the dish.

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