French Onion Soup

french onion soup

The only challenge of making onion soup is to avoid tearing while cutting the onions. Because I was wearing contact lens while cutting the onions, I realized it really helps. By the time I was done cutting, the whole house, including my kids came to me like they just had a serious cold, sniffing noses, watering eyes…except myself. If you don’t wear contacts, well, I heard wearing goggles helps too.

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Spinach and Walnut Pesto

spinach and walnut pesto

I call this spinach and walnut pesto an economy version of pesto compared to the one with basil and pinenuts.

Who doesn’t love pinenuts? I’m obsessed with pinenuts. But just when the price has gone up like crazily, no harm to try something else that gives you the same level of satisfaction. And the fact is that spinach is always cheaper than basil, and walnuts are always cheaper than pinenuts.

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