Spiced Lentil Soup

spiced lentil soup

January is usually the month people start thinking about eating better. Or living better. Less sweet, less meat, less fat, more exercise, more eat-in…

It’s common sense that eating less meat or less fat is good for your health. We’ve always known that. However we’ve still cooked and eaten whatever we want. Fortunately my family has never had any health issues that put us off anything that we love to eat. Plus I am a baker. I bake with everything. Full fat, whole eggs, and lot of gluten. That’s how I love my food.

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Kimchi Fries

You know I would die for kimchi. Seriously! I would eat it with everything. Give me a bowl of steaming rice and another bowl of kimchi, that’s my meal.

So when one of my Korean friends was chatting about kimchi fries that he once had in New York City, I went ecstatic. And I knew I had to go for it.

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My Mom’s Super Power Salad

super power salad

I visited my mother in Hong Kong around this time last year. Despite the fact that she’s older, her life was busier. On top of her packed routine activities, she had a pair of new twin granddaughters to take care of. For those few weeks, I witnessed her flying through her days with non-stop tasks that involved both physical and mental abilities. I remember when I had my first child, the first couple weeks were totally zombifying. The inexperience was one thing, but the physical level it requires to be a new mom was immeasurable. My mom surely had the experience, but she’s in her 60s, she still looked energetic. Very energetic, like she already has two babies attaching to her body, and she’s ready to help out the house building across the street!

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