Valentine’s Day Toasts

valentine's day toasts

“What cake are you going to make for Valentine’s Day?” I was asked this question yesterday because, normally and logically, as an active cake baker, I should come up with a pink or red cake with roses on top for Valentine’s Day.

In fact, I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE ANY CAKES. Not anything at all! I am never crazy about Valentine’s Day. I simply love to make cakes whenever I want. Probably not on February 14th.

But yesterday I came across with a lovely website and saw a very adorable piece of toast, who seemed to talk to me, “Make me cause I am cute.” Looking at her smilingly, I answered, “No, you are insanely cute.” And insanely easy to make.

THIS is what you are going to make in the morning of February 14th for your loved ones, just for the sake of being realistic compared  to baking a cake on a weekday morning.

BONUS: My 3-year old son saw this toast and asked me, “Why you put a heart in my toast, mommy?” Tell me what would be the better way to say, “Because I love you.”

Ingredients (1 toast):
1 thick white bread slice
1 tablespoon salted butter or margarine
1 egg, separated

Spread butter on both side of the bread evenly.
Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the centre.
Place bread in a pan over medium heat, and grill until golden brown.
Lower heat slightly, flip the bread over to grill another side.
Add just enough egg white to fill the toast centre, then carefully slip the egg yolk into the centre.
Cover the pan and let it cook gently. Checking regularly every minute to make sure nothing is burning. Once the egg appears to be cooked, remove the toast and serve.


  1. Yummy! I really want to give the single slice of toast a try the next time I make this. (Especially because that gives me a reason to have two of them!) So glad you guys enjoyed them. It’s such a great treat for kids and adults alike. :)

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