Savory Holiday House

Have you built your gingerbread house yet? I mean that’s the ultimate Christmas must-do for mothers, right?! Once your kids realize it’s December, they will start asking you, “Mom, when do we built a gingerbread house???” Like EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Honestly I was a little disinterested of that idea this year, and was trying really hard to look for new inspirations to make something totally out of the box! Huge thank to Cello Whisps who asked me if I would be interested to create a savory holiday house – a genius and unique way to stir up the tradition of sweet holiday house. And of course my answer is YES!


The fun part about this project is to use warm cheese to glue the house together. I know, why have I never thought of that?! And all you have to do is to go wild and creative with crackers, pretzels and the very delicious Cello Whisps. Cello Whisps are purely cheese baked into flavorful, crispy and airy bites. An excellent and natural source of protein and calcium. Such a perfect snack to enjoy without the guilt! My kids and I were literally building the house and EATING Cello Whisps all along! Truly irresistible!

Now this charming little log house! If there was a story about it, it would be a cottage located on a lake. All serene and peaceful. Warm fire blazing in a the fireplace at night. Wake up on Christmas morning in a land of ice and snow…

This post is sponsored by Cello Whisps. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Oh Sweet Day! possible.


  1. maybe i should try this for next years gingerbread house party! Savory sounds good to me!

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