White Christmas Tree Cake Pops

So a few more days. Just a few more days before Christmas. I’ve been counting down with tons of cookie baking, packaging, tying ribbons, driving and delivering. For the driving and delivering part, I have to give a huge thank you to my husband, the trusty delivery guy who brings the cookies to the front doors of my every single client, day in and day out. So I can focus on making sure the cookies are delicious and the packaging looks pretty.

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Skeleton Cake Pops

My two children share the same birthday month – October. So it’s become a ritual that every year when it’s close to their birthdays, I will come up with some Halloween treats for them to bring to school.

My 5-year-old daughter requested these girly monster cake pops. I made these for my son last year. And what I did this year was simply change the colours. My seven-year-old son specifically wanted skeleton cake pops. Something scary, something less childish. So here we go, “adult-ish” skeleton cake pops. Except it’s nothing “adult” about it. I would say these skeleton cake pops look cool. That’s all!

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Love Cake Pops

I’ve been make these “Love cake pops” since last week for clients’ orders, my kids school party and friends’ gifts. You know Valentine’s Day is no longer only between you and your lover anymore. It has a broader meaning now – a lot of love spreading out there in the universe.

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Snowman Cake Pops

snowman cake pops

Not all the kids from my children’s school had known about cake pops before I “introduced” cake pops to them. I’ve made cake pops for their school parties and bake sale events. And now when they have parties, they kind of look forward to my kids to bring cake pops to school.

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