Mini Coconut Cream Puffs

Happy Monday! My weekend was completed with a Moon Festival family dinner, a hotpot dinner, some leftovers and non-stop eating these mini cream puffs.

When I was a kid, Moon Festival was a big deal. A lot of home-cooked Chinese food, fresh fruits, moon cakes (although I am not a big fan), small and giant lanterns…The most important part of this festival though is that kids were literally allowed to play with fire! We used to be crazy about lighting candles, let the wax drip in an empty moon cake tin, and re-boil the wax inside. Thinking back now, I don’t understand why I found it fun. But kids are kind of hard to explain sometimes. This absurd wax-boiling activity was dangerous as kids could easily get burnt. It also left a big mess on the street considered how much work it involved to scrap the leftover wax from the ground. Being said that, this activity is one of my most vivid childhood memories of what Moon Festival used to be like in my home town!

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Blueberry Streusel Muffins

So my last kid has started kindergarten. And lunch/snack packing has become one hell of a job in the morning. You know when you are making breakfast, getting your kids to brush teeth, change, not play, sit down to finish breakfast, not fool around, get in the damn car… all at the same time. It’s quite hard to squeeze in another task called “lunch packing”. Except I have to squeeze it in.

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Mini Hi-Hat Cupcakes

hi-hat cupcakes

It’s May, and it already feels like summer here in Vancouver BC. Tank tops, skirts, shorts, flip-flops are every where in our house now! My kids are refusing to put on anything non-summmery. Well, it’s hard to fool them when the sun is that bright outside!

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Banoffee Cupcakes

banoffee cupcakes

You’ve heard about banoffee? Graham cracker, banana, whipped cream, chocolate, dulce de leche. Put all of these together and you will go crazy with it! I am never tired of this winner combination. I literally crave it all the freaking time.

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