Pork Tenderloin Taco with Chimichurri

Finally Super Bowl is here. Everybody has been eating Game Meals, meaning a lot of junk food, snack, sweets and booze. And it looks like taco is one of the must-haves. Its versatility, flavour, presentation just make taco so irresistible.

And you can never seem to think twice when it comes to the right brand of taco shells, because you will only think about Old El Paso. Honestly I don’t know what other brands I should go for.

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Minced Beef Wellington

When I flip through cookbooks looking for ideas, I tend to skip recipes which go with ostentatious pictures – little sampler-sized food on a gigantic-enough-to-hold-your-butt plate overloaded with excessive decorations. It might look pretty, but not any more appetizing! Most importantly, the tiny portion isn’t going anywhere to my stomach because I don’t think I can feel it! Yes, I can really eat, it doesn’t mean it has to be huge portion, but what I cook is in reasonable size that really fills my hunger.

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Barbecue Beef Cheese Sliders

barbecue beef cheese sliders

These barbecue beef cheese sliders are literally petite burgers! Small in size. Big on taste. One for kid. Two for adult. And you have a simple summer dinner ready in no time. Imagine when your kids keep asking you to take them to Mcdonald’s for burgers, and you can totally come with the same thing, even tastier and healthier and just better, tell me who is the bigger winner! 

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Beef Stew with Beer

Or beef stew with CHEAP beer. Because this was what I used. Not Guinness, not ale large, not stout. Just some cheap cans of beer that my husband grabbed from the liquor store without even looking at the brand but only the price, to make sure it’s the cheapest.

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