Hot Cross Buns

We eat a lot of cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies…but to be honest, our breakfast menu is pretty boring. Most of the time we have toasts and cereal. If time allows, we will makeĀ omelette. On weekends, we will go for pancakes, waffles or French toasts. When I went on to Internet to look for some weekday breakfast ideas, hot cross buns came to my eyes a lot of time. Maybe because Easter is around the corner. And I decided to try one of my favourite bakers, Pioneer Woman’s recipe.

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My Best Banana Bread

I call this my best banana bread because it’s really the best banana bread that I’ve ever had. It has dark chocolate chips, coconut and nuts, something I think are necessary. Also it’s a very simple one-bowl recipe. The result is moist, delicious and flavourful bread that I will have a slice for breakfast and another one for snack. Maybe one more after dinner.

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Mini Baked Donuts

mini baked donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts? I know. The fried ones. I can easily finish two in heartbeat. Cause they are simply to addictive.

Despite the fact that I make lots of sweet treats at home, I’ve never considered frying donuts by myself. Not that it’s difficult, I’m sure it’s not. Just I have no idea what to do with the leftover oil. And we are talking about a huge amount of leftover oil.

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