Matcha Chiffon Cake

matcha chiffon cake

Light, tender and moist, chiffon cake is the kind of cake that almost everyone loves! I’ve been enjoying making chiffon-like desserts lately. The pumpkin chiffon tart, a light-weight version of classic pumpkin pie, was a very successful one over the past Thanksgiving. This time I decided to tackle a cake – matcha chiffon cake.

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Creme Brulee Crepe Cake

Creme brulee crepe cake

My husband loves creme brulee. So when it comes to his birthday, the thought of making him a creme brulee dessert will come to my mind very naturally. Except I have never made him one! Well, birthday is about cakes. We could do creme brulee some other time. And I decided to go with a creme brulee crepe cake for his birthday this year.

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Espresso Chocolate Ganache Cake

espresso cake

We had an amazing summer! A lot of good memories to tag along when we were getting ready for the new school year. So here we are. All getting back to school and work. Well, I know, it sucks! But when you realize that your kids are staying up late for too many nights, watching too much television, making too much trouble, being too annoying to their parents, it’s time to look forward to school.

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