No Knead Bread Rolls

no knead bread rolls

Super buttery, super soft, super easy… Isn’t it good enough for you to start making these bread rolls? And most importantly, no kneading is needed!  And they freeze really well!

We have these no knead bread rolls for breakfast, snack, dinner… Just go crazy with butter when you are having them because that will just make things better and everyone happier!

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Sticky Lemon, Thyme and Honey Chicken Drumsticks

sticky lemon thyme and honey chicken drumsticks

This pregnancy is like a roller-coaster trip in food tastes. It was not like this with Ethan, I could eat anything, I could even drain down two bowls of fishy fish soup even though I’ve never been a fish person.

But this time, over these first few months, ANY SECOND I’m either throwing up or wanting to throw up, the only exception is when I’m asleep. Once I wake up, I want to puke. Anything I eat has some annoying smell and strange taste. Even that glass of water I sip is the most distasteful liquid in the universe.

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